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Tracking Invest 91 In The Western Gulf of Mexico

The Latest: Invest 91 is now in the West-Central Gulf of Mexico. Hurricane Hunters continue to fly into this system, and found that it has a large elongated circulation, but is lacking a well-defined center. Thunderstorms are becoming better organized and will continue to get stronger throughout the day.  That means it is not a tropical cyclone yet, but it does still have the potential to become one before it reaches the Texas Coast.  They also found tropical storm force winds of 45 mph east of the elongated low. Upper-level winds are forecast to become gradually move favorable for development over the next 24 hours as it moves to the northwest at 13 mph. 

Forecast models continue to indicate that the system would stay on the NW track moving toward the Texas Coast.  It will stay away from Louisiana! Hurricane hunters are scheduled to fly into the area again this afternoon/evening. NHC is now saying there is a high chance for formation through 2-5 days, and a tropical depression or sto…